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― Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Literary Heroine Dream Team

Hey guys! Today I came across a post by The Reading Fever and this was her question: how cool would it be if these characters could band together to fight evil, à la Avengers. So what would your Literary Heroine Dream Team be? Check out hers here.
I really love this question, so without further ado....here it is:

My Literary Heroine Dream Team


Katniss Everdeen
Katniss is KICK BUTT and AH-MAZ-ING with a bow....plus she knows how to survive, a true Leader. (she led a freakin' rebellion)

Bronwyn Alessia St. Vincent Clare (more commonly known as Bryn)


Bryn is so down right strong. She could tear you to shreds with her resilience (*spoiler* and those of you who have read Taken By Storm know how else she could be useful now....*end of spoiler*) Bryn is already a leader and I don't know how she and Katniss would get it along...but I'm sure we could make it work.


Rue (from District 11)

 Rue is super sneaky...she can fly through trees and only be heard when she wants to. She is really underestimated.

Wanderer (aka Wanda/Rides The Beast/etc)

Wanda is really good at going into places and getting information while seeming normal...(well under the circumstances.....I guess not but "technically")

Cameron Ann Morgan (also known as: Cammie/Cam/The Chameleon)

Cammie is a spy (already) she knows how to interrogate/fight/slip by unnoticed. She has been through hell and back. This girl is one you want on your side.


Annabeth Chase

 Annabeth is the perfect strategist, she is the daughter of Athena for goodness sake! The goddess of knowledge and wisdom! She is a BORN strategist (and she's pretty amazing in battle)

 [image credit for image on the right]

Katarina Bishop (a.k.a. Kat)

Kat is a thief, so she definitely knows how to pull the stunts. Plus she is awesome in taking part also. 

Nikki Beckett (aka Becks)

because she is so awesome...I would want to take Nikki with me everywhere...so...


Calla Tor

 Calla is the best assassin. She's a wolf/Guardian. She's assassinated people before and she is brilliant in war. Calla is intelligent and tricks her enemies.

 [image credit for image on top right and image credit for the bottom right]

 Tally Youngblood --as a Special--(aka. Tally-wa)

Tally is a Special, a superhuman fighting machine, engineered to have super strength/speed/and thinking. She is scary/yet beautiful....the standards of a stone hard assassin. Tally can kick butt.

Combat Warriors:

Melanie Stryder (or Mel for short)

 Mel is great for a combat warrior because she is smart/strong/and she doesn't give up. She manages to live out everyone else with just her little brother (in the MIDDLE of alien civilization!) and when she is captured she refuses to give up possession of her mind and just fade away. She holds on and gets back to her family. (plus she's survival smart, she could take down just about anyone)


Cassia Maria Reyes

Cassia isn't really that good at any of the other options on my Dream Team so she could be a pretty good medic right?

 [picture to the bottom left credit]

and that's who My Literary Heroine Dream Team  would be constructed of....Who would yours be? Tell me in the comments and also stop by The Reading Fever and tell her also!


  1. Phew! It's finally letting me comment. I tried to comment yesterday, but the comment box wasn't anywhere to be found. Anyway, I'm so glad you made your own dream team! I love your choices, especially Tally and Kat! Those two rock. :)

    1. Haha sorry about that, I always have to manually click the "allow comments" button and sometimes I forget. Tally and Kat are pretty awesome and they would kick some serious butt.....I loved your dream team! Thanks for coming up with the idea, it's really awesome!


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