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― Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wide Awake by Katy Perry: Taken By Storm

So Mari and I were talking today....and listening to this song and we realized: Wide Awake by Katy Perry could be about Taken By Storm. So we wrote lyric by lyric explanations. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ TAKEN BY STORM OR ANY OTHER THE RAISED BY WOLVES BOOKS THAN DO NOT READ THIS POST IT CONTAINS 100% OF SPOILERS. THE FOLLOWING IS A: *******************SPOILER ALERT*******************

"Wide Awake"

 I'm wide awake (SETTING: Bryn lying in her bed, wide awake.-the end of Taken By Storm after**chase dies** but before **she is CHANGED**)

 I'm wide awake

I'm wide awake

 Yeah, I was in the dark (Callum didn’t tell me….aka I don’t have future predicting skills/knacks)

 I was falling hard (loving Chase/making the wrong choices…….)

 With an open heart (loving Chase)

 I'm wide awake

 How did I read the stars so wrong? (how did I read what Callum told me so wrong?)

 I'm wide awake

 And now it's clear to me (I’ve learned my mistakes a little too late)

 That everything you see

 Ain't always what it seems (Callum doesn’t always tell you the important stuff…unless it benefits for a future HE wants……and even then it’s never whole truths)

 I'm wide awake

 Yeah, I was dreaming for so long (I thought I could be with Chase/and be a human alpha for too long)

I wish I knew then ( I wish I knew Chase would die before…..

 What I know now (That Shay was plotting the whole time and Maddy was pregnant….

 Wouldn't dive in I wouldn’t have jumped to save Maddy)

 Wouldn't bow down wouldn’t have played into Shay’s hands)

 Gravity hurts (Chase’s death/reality hurts)

 You made it so sweet (The time I had with Chase was perfect)

 'Til I woke up on (until I found myself over…….nothing else to do)

 On the concrete (lowest of lows)

 Falling from cloud 9 (falling from my known reality)

 Crashing from the high (no more Chase)

 I'm letting go tonight (I’m letting go of Chase)

 Yeah, I'm falling from cloud 9 (It’s over)

(SETTING: Bryn is getting up to go meet Callum**for the CHANGE**)

I'm wide awake (I’m ready)

 Not losing any sleep (Not a waste of time)

 I picked up every piece (I put myself back together…sort of)

 And landed on my feet (this isn’t going to stop me)

 I'm wide awake

 Need nothing to complete myself, no (I don’t have anyone anymore….Lake has her bro, Dev's got his pack, I’m declaring myself “ok”….I don’t need anyone)

I'm wide awake

 Yeah, I am born again (I am now the wolf I’ve always been….the one Ive had dreams about)

 Outta the lion's den (outta the “wolfs” den)

 I don't have to pretend (I'm no weak human anymore/I don’t have to pretend I was never going to do this anyway)

 And it's too late (Shays too late to stop me)

 The story's over now, the end (that’s it…..I'm a wolf and there is no more to tell –until the next series Jen will most likely write-)

 I wish I knew then (I wish Callum had told me everything)

 What I know now (everything happening at once............letting Maddy go off along, letting Devon leave the pack, letting Caro shoot the second, letting Jed die............)

 Wouldn't dive in (wouldn't have tried to fix everything)

 Wouldn't bow down (wouldn't have let it happen)

 Gravity hurts (reality hurts)

 You made it so sweet (to all the people I have lost: Dev, Chase, Callum, Maddy, etc)

 'Til I woke up on (reality hit me upside the head...........

 On the concrete …..it would never have been perfect)

 Falling from cloud 9 (it was out of the blue) (I thought I had won, I had claimed Maddy…but he got to keep her too…….)

 I'm crashing from the high (I just got outsmarted?)

 I'm letting go tonight (yeah, I'm letting you go) (I’m letting you go again Maddy so your baby doesn’t die)

 I'm falling from cloud 9 (I’ve been defeated)

I'm wide awake (New plan: Shay’s land has been left unclaim………evil plan time)

 Thunder rumbling (Taken by STORM)

 Castles crumbling (Shay’s world as he knows it is coming down)

 I'm wide awake (I won)

 I am trying to hold on (to Dev)

 I'm wide awake (Thinking straight…..let him go)

 God knows that I tried (to keep them both….)

 Seeing the bright side (there is none)

 I'm wide awake

 But I'm not blind anymore... (Shay’s gone and I’m a Were….100 times better than a human)

I'm wide awake (nothing left to do……………………………………………)

 I'm wide awake

 Yeah, I'm falling from cloud 9 (it was out of the blue) (“Love you. It sounded so simple when he said it. It always sounded so goddamn simple.”)

 I'm crashing from the high (“I love you, I love you, I love you. I told him, over and over and over. Forever.”)

 You know I'm letting go tonight (yeah, I'm letting you go) ( “An eye for an eye. A wolf for a wolf”)

 I'm falling from cloud 9 (he’s gone)

I'm wide awake

 I'm wide awake

 I'm wide awake (this is what Bryn is telling herself……that she is ok…….but is she?)

 I'm wide awake

 I'm wide awake
-Kait and <3 Mari

lyric credit to: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/katyperry/wideawake.html 
song by: Katy Perry
Book(Taken By Storm) by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes


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