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― Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Hunger Games Discussion Saturdays

Hey guys....it's that time again...HUNGER GAMES DISCUSSIONS SATURDAYS!

First off. Who pre-ordered their The Hunger Games DVD?!!  Deluxe Edition? Or Blue Ray/regular?

Well I did and I am soo excited for my 3 hours of bonus content from the Deluxe Edition!! Plus it's so pretty. Isn't it?

I really like the regular covers too....maybe I will get both eventually. Which cover is you favorite?

Ok on to the discussion.

Which character would you be most like if you were in The Hunger Games?

Basically what I mean by that is The characters behavior in the games....If you were in their position how would you react? Which character would you be similar to in terms of reaction?


Katniss is strong. She takes The Hunger Games in stride, hunts like its just in the woods at home, shooting squirrels.

Peeta is smart. He only cares about the one he loves, and plays the game in her favor.

Prim was very nervous and put on a brave face.

Finnick made it a joke, flirting for the cameras every second.


It's really debatable on what I would do.........I'd like to think I could at least pull off a Prim......Obviously scared but doesn't cry, walks right up to the stage, determined to go out brave....but to be honest, I think I would throw a fit, kicking and screaming. The Peacekeepers would have to drag me up to the steps where I would continue to cry. But I don't know because I've never been in that situation....and I hope I never will. Because there isn't much more to say about this I'm going to write a fanfic of me, being reaped for The Hunger Games.

Setting: District 12 (because I honestly think that's where I would live......I think it's the best district.....but that's next weeks topic.)

My hands are sweating....every time I think of where we are about to go brings on more perspiration. My mother pulls the dress out of the closet. It is a pale brown, with quarter length sleeves. It's about knee length. I hate this dress. Putting it on means it's coming closer, that it's almost time. Almost time for the reaping. I don't have the most name slips in the bowl but it's still a probability, I could still be picked. I slip into the simple frock, shaking as my arms occupy the coarse sleeves. I pin my hair up in a loose bun and splash some water on my face. Even though I just took a bath, I feel dirty again. Most likely from all the sweating I was doing.

I'm starting to get chills now and I can barley consume the breakfast my mother has just put before me. I move it away but she pushes it closer, "Eat." One word. That's all she can manage because she can't trust her voice. She is clearly nervous. On edge. When I finish eating a few bites and playing with my food, I stand up. My mother glances at me, and I hold back the tears forming on the corners of my eyes. She pushes out her chair and steps toward me, wrapping her warm arms around me. The tears are uncontrollably spilling out now and I can't help sobbing. She rubs my hair softly, singing "Shhhh....Shhhh..." into my ear, attempting to calm me. I pull it together and stand up straight.

We walk to the town center now. I am grasping her hand. Holding onto her tightly. Many people are crowded around the makeshift stage, and the age groups are sectioned off by ropes for the contestants. I sign in and step in line with the others my age. At last the Capitol representative this year comes to stand center stage. She gives a short speech that I hear nothing of and moves to one of the glass balls containing the boys names. I hold my breath, at least I am not first, but it's still one step closer to the females being picked. I recognise the boy who's name is drawn, but I don't know him well. I've only seen him around. Some cries break out in the crowd of adults. Probably his mother. Some Peacekeepers move to take care of it.

Now the girls names are being drawn. And my shaking worsens. The woman's hand reaches into the bowl, rifles around, and pulls out a single slip. She opens in carefully and calls out. "Kait."

I suck in a deep breath and the world around me blurs for a moment. Peacekeepers are heading my way, their white uniforms are glowing in my suddenly impaired vision. I grab the girls arm next to me and plead to her. I hear an unsteady voice screaming "No...no, no, no, no.....NO...!" and I realize the voice belongs to me. "Come on now." one of the Peacekeepers grunts. I shove away and turn around, but I can't see, due to the tears pouring out of my eyes. The man grabs my arm and proceeds to drag me toward the stage. I am loosing it now, going wild. I drop onto the ground. The man lets out a breath and tries to pull me. I am desperate to stay, screaming and kicking all around. The people who were next to me have all taken a step back. I am causing a commotion. I catch a glimpse of my mother who is crying so hard. Our neighbor is holding her and letting her cry in her shoulder, but my mom pulls away and tries to run toward me. A Peacekeeper intercepts her and holds her back. Now my mother is screaming for me. What a turnout this year. I realize I am making myself look weak in front of my opponents but by now I am beyond caring. I flail some more, but the Peacekeeper has begun attempting a new method of catching me. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. I kick and scream and pound on his back. The pressure in my head is building, now in the upside down position, and I am afraid I will pass out. The Peacekeeper sets me down on the stage and holds me there. The Capitol woman looks deathly afraid and she moves back quite a bit. I stand up and keep my head low, I try to pull my hand free of the mans grasp but he tightens his grip. Signaling he will not be letting go anytime soon. I stand there, looking down. Utterly afraid and equally embarrassed of my outburst. While the woman speaks some more I think about vomiting. I am so nauseous now. The Peacekeeper pulls my hand and guides me into the Justice Building. I am locked in a plush room where I continue to cry and shake, uncontrollably.

And that is what I would most likely do if I were reaped for The Hunger Games...either that or be like Prim............I hope I never find out. Hope you enjoyed my fanifc!  Don't forget to leave comments!


I would totally be Finnick. He trys to see the best of it like I would do and takes life as a big joke... most of the time like me. So he's all flirtatious like and jokes around and it's what I would do. It would be best in my opinion to show the capital that they can't affect me... they can try to kill me but they won't change me(a little hint of Peeta showing...) Yeah and Finnick is perfect at doing this and this is how I would do it! HERE'S MA FAN FICTION.

Setting: District 4

Fan Fiction-

The night before The Reaping I know I won't sleep so I stay up in bed tying knots. Loop it around pull it tight and undo. The cycle continues until I hear shuffling coming from the kitchen and I smell a meal being prepared. Must be my older brother, 24, can't be in the reaping but he is still anxious for me. I hear sobbing and it sounds like my mother. She cares more about us than about herself. And my father tries to stay strong for my brothers, and my mother. Eventually the sobbing dies off she probably fell asleep. When the shuffling gets louder and a dark figure stands in the doorway I get up leaving my knot to the side. I walk toward the figure, my brother, and put on my best smile, even though we know it's not OK and I am in danger. Together without words we both know that we are going to go to the lake because it is a source of calmness. For me. For him. For us. I take off my night gown and my aquatic clothing is under because I am from district 4. Water is my life. Together we run to the lake it's not far and the more I move the more I can forget. When we arrive we both jump in and though I have frail arms they rip through the water and quickly I get into the rhythm of my life. Push. Pull. Kick. Push. Pull. Kick. And breathe. I will be strong. I have the power. I am quick.... Apparently not quick enough because before I know it I get pushed under the water. I rise up my cheeks full of water.Laughing, I spit water all over my brother who kindly enough scared me half to death.
"Hey, have you been practicing Mari? It took me longer to catch up!"
Instead of answering with words I smiled from ear to ear and began to swim away from him, the rhythm continuing. We lost track of the time and then when we saw the sun begin to rise we ran home. It would be a long day. We should begin to prepare. At home my father is serving my younger brother breakfast and my mom has ironed out my reaping outfit. A lovely teal colored fitted top that flows out into a somewhat poofy bottom that reaches to a little above my knees. I look adorable. Too bad it's for such a terrible cause. My mother orders me to take a shower even though the smell of the lake on me makes me feel at home and comfortable. After the shower my mother towel drys my hair. Then she weaves in a teal ribbon. My shoes are black and have a hint of a heel to make me look taller. Then we are all ready we go to The Reaping. I have numerous slips and I am afraid... But I am a fighter. I must survive and I will show them, everyone that growing up with mostly men and boys has made a difference.We all walk to town center, in front of the Justice Building. I am corralled into a roped off section with all my school mates and age group. I mill around socializing and nodding to the occasional friend. Then a capitol citizen comes up on the stage and taps a diamond covered microphone with her decorated hand and her surprisingly loud and delicate at the same time.

"Now, now everyone calm down." There wasn't even any noise to calm down though. The audience was dead serious.
"We have quite an enthusiastic audience[!]"
She delicately dipped her hand into the Reaping Bowl, the male one.
"Adam Hydro" I don't know him that well but I know his girlfriend and she is sobbing. Hard. Then the capitol citizen shuffled over to the female Reaping Bowl. She tapped the microphone one last time and dived her hand into the bowl and I imagined myself diving into the water soaring ripping into it the rhythm continued again. And then I hear it.
"Is she here, Mari Odair?" And I knew I was chosen because my older brother gave up the strong act and fell on the ground. My mother sobbed. My father, he was undone, he... he was just crying. I had never seen him like this before. But I put on a smile and ran up there. Warm, unwanted tears slowly ran down my face but I gained control. On the stage I began to flirt with Adam though I didn't know him and then pretended to pose for the camera. But the crowd doesn't care, I am well liked here in district 4. And now I am going to die. I am up here posing and smiling and pouting and blowing kisses. But on the inside I am distraught. Broken. All I can think is how my older brother fell to the ground. It was all I could see. Over and over. I am afraid. But thinking about it...... there's only one thing that over throws that feeling and that's anger. The capitol will wish me dead because I will win. They didn't affect me in the tiniest bit.



Hello bookworms!!! If I was chosen for the HG I would probably want to act like Katniss, showing that I can be strong and not showing weakness. I'm not exactly sure if I would be able to pull it off though. But, I would try my hardest. I would want to look strong and try to get their attention so that I could get some sponsors. So here's my fan fic!!!!

Setting: District: 11
*****SPOILER ALERT!*****ps-RIP Rue :(

I woke up to the sun light shining through my window at just the right angle, giving everything a magical glow. I stretch and let out a relaxing sigh. Another normal day in district 11, if you call climbing through the trees while calling to my bird friends normal (tehe). But then I remembered what day it was: reaping day, the most dreaded day of the year. I put on some tan pants and a light shirt and walked out to the orchard fields and climbed a tree to the very top. I could see almost the whole district from up here!!! This was the only place that I really felt at peace with the world. A gentle breeze blew through my hair and I relaxed against the tree. I was trying to put happy thoughts in my head, but my mind kept wondering to the Hunger Games. I thought about what it would be like to have my name chosen. I was only fourteen and my family definitly needed the tesserae, but luckily, my older brother had taken most of it. I only had my name in a few extra times. I felt awful for my brother, but all I could think about was what would happen if I were chosen. I know it sounds kind of selfish, but I was so nervous my whole body was shaking! And not just because I forgot to bring a jacket up here! I rested for a few more minutes and then I heard my mother call my name. I slowly climbed down the tree and made my way to the house.

I entered the house and walked into the kitchen/ family room to find my mother ironing my sister's dress. She had already finished mine and it was hanging on the door, perfectly creased and pressed. It was a beige dress with a collar and a few buttons at the top (try to imagine the top like a button-down shirt).It wasn't the prettiest dress, but it was all I had. I matched it with a silver butterfly necklace to make it look better. It made me sad to think that I had to save my only dress for such and awful occasion. My mother helped my sister but her hair into a beautiful bun (try to visualize a ballerina's bun). I put my hair into a dutch braid that went down my back. My younger brother was wearing a nice button down with tan slacks, even though he was to young to have his name put in. My older brother was checking his reflection in the mirror to make sure his hair was perfectly combed. As we left the house and walked to the town center, no one said anything. I knew that we were all praying that no names from the Boyd family (note: Boyd is her last name). When we enter the square, we check in and are roughly pushed into sections based on our age. I move over a few feet to be near my best friend, Maddie. We made small talk while we waited for the reaping to get started. After a few mintutes a voice boomed over the loud speaker and all heads turned towards the stage set up at the front of the square. "Hello and happy Hunger Games!" The announcer had a very thick Capital accent. Maddie and I giggled to eachother. Her hand reached into the bowl filled with the boys names and pulled out the first name. " William West." A boy who was a year older than me stepped up to the stage. He's pretty nice. We sometiomes exchange a quick "Hello" at school around town or at school. I saw his mother sobbing while being dragged off by a peace keeper. Next, her hand reached into the girls' bowl and move around until she finds the name she wants. Maddie and I grabbed eachother's hands and whispered words of encoragement. (drumroll please) "Rach Boyd." Suddenly the grip on my hand grew tighter and Maddie and I looked at eachother. Tears started to fill my eyes and I started shaking. I didn't move so peacekeepers had to come and give me a little shove up onto the stage. I looked out at the crowd, at all the faces I knew so well. I saw all my family members start crying. I didn't do or say anything. I just stared straight ahead with a blank expression on my face. The Capital lady has William and I shake hands and then we are each led to a posh room, that looks like it's straight from the Capital, where we are able to say our final goodbyes to our family.

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  1. Hey I luv ur blog guys I am obsessed!!!! Omg Mari lolz. i PREORDERED BLU RAY HG!! Anyways from Kait I choose Ren!!!! I luv that book! And from Mari I choose Ian! From the Tidbit Thurz but for this one OMG u guyz are amaZAYN writers and I wanted to see Raches Y isn't it there??????

    1. Thanks. We love to hear from you guys! ;)

    2. Hey srry it took so long for my post. It's up now though. Hope you like it :)

  2. Because she hasn't done it yet but she will no worries! ;)
    <3 Mari!


Since we are a user friendly blog and want all of our readers to be able to read the comments please add " **SPOILER ALERT** " to your post if it applies. Thanks for your consideration!

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